Welcome to Cosmometry.net, the website for the Cosmometry Project. It is a limited beginning to what will become an extensive knowledge resource. If this is your first time here, please visit the What Is Cosmometry? and Explore Cosmometry sections as a starting point.


What is Cosmometry?

Learn about what the field of cosmometry comprises, the roots from which it arises, and an overview of contemporary research.

Explore Cosmometry

An introduction into the fundamental aspects of cosmometry, including Primary Assumptions, descriptions of key concepts and principles, and the Three Primary Components of the energetic fractal-holographic model.

Cosmometry in Life

How the fundamental patterns, processes and principles of cosmometry can be seen, discerned, explored and experienced in nature, the sciences, the arts, and in our own human experience.


Ways in which the knowledge arising in this field is, and can be, put into practical application to engender more efficient technologies and whole-system-based solutions across all sectors of human concern.


Presentations and resources related to current and historical research in the field of cosmometry and the researchers pioneering greater understanding and application.

About the Project

The vision it is founded upon; strategy and funding; and alliances and associations with other organizations and researchers.